La Calisto, Cavalli – Bayerische Staatsoper – Bachtrack

Diana was Anna Bonitatibus, a master of Baroque singing. Her voice was warm and uniform throughout its range, with an exciting ring in the upper register. Her coloratura was sparkling, and her duets with countertenor Tim Mead (Endymione) were the highlight of the evening.

Bachtrack, Laura Servidei 04.2018

La Calisto, Cavalli – Bayerische Staatsoper – Abendzeitung

Die „echte“ Diana, Anna Bonitatibus, ist als Mezzosopranistin ohnehin göttlich: Denn ihr gelingt es, die im Keuschheitsgelübde unterdrückte Lust unter aller Oberschichts-Contenance-Lyrik frech durchlodern zu lassen.

Abendzeitung – Adrian Prechtel, 04.2018

Lucio Silla, Mozart – La Monnaie – 

A singer who always makes the text live is Anna Bonitatibus. Her ‘tenero momento’ was glorious – she made the union of text, notes and acting live. The sheer joy and musicality in her singing is something very rare and very special. The artistry and intelligence behind all she does was ever present, nowhere more so than in a ‘ah se a morir mi chiama’, here moved to Act 3, where she dared to sing exceptionally quietly, yet filled it with so much expression and feeling that time just seemed to stand still.

Operatraveller, 10.2017